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#30DaysSelfLove Challenge Inspires Book and Mobile App:
“Wake Up and Choose YOU”

30 Days Self Love mobile application and book of motivating mini-autobiographies encourages people to find love from within and experience their own healing through self-acceptance
LOS ANGELES (February 5, 2015) – People all over the world are discovering the #30DaysSelfLove challenge and healing emotionally through self-affirmation. The #30DaysSelfLove challenge has now inspired a mobile application and book filled with touching personal stories/recounts from people around the world who have made #30DaysSelfLove a daily practice.
#30DaysSelfLove started as a private journey for actress and model, Sarah Karges, who turned her negative self-talk into positive thinking by telling herself “I love you” everyday, for 30 days straight. After sharing her courageous on journey and transformation on YouTube, she inspired a worldwide social movement. Now it’s being used as a type of self-therapy that has changed lives in a positives ways such as healing from depression, anxiety, and other mental roadblocks that can be read about in the #30DaysSelfLove book.
The Back Story
When Karges created the #30DayChallenge YouTube channel and posted her first video, she did not expect that the movement would become a worldwide phenomena. Sarah said, “Everyone has his or her own journey. This is just an avenue to find love and find yourself in your own way and whatever comes out, it comes out. I’m giving this process to the people. It’s all about self-therapy.”
As an actress, model and entrepreneur, Sarah was constantly type cast and prejudged. This created a reservoir of mixed feelings, self-doubt and a lack of appreciation and love within herself. Therefore, the intent of the book and app is not to act as a therapist, psychiatrist or medical professional but a conduit, refuge and safe haven with a supportive community because she herself has struggled with her own issues. After doing the challenge, her whole life completely changed. She now has a different understanding that everything sometimes is a reflection of the turmoil we experience in our inner world. Happiness starts from within, therefore has no limits. Except the limits we place on ourselves.
Find the App and Book
The free #30DaysSelfLove mobile app is now available in the Apple App Store. The free app will allow people to find love from within and experience their own healing through self-acceptance. The 30 Days Self Love Book “Wake Up and Choose YOU” is now available on Amazon.
Download the app here: App
Access the book here: Book
About #30DaysSelfLove:
The 30 Days Self Love Challenge (AKA #30DaysselfLove) is a social movement inspired by Sarah Karges, actress, producer, television show host, and lover of life. Through the combined power of technology, social media, and LOVE, this movement is meant to motivate people around the world to love and appreciate themselves, their talents and traits. Thousands of men and women around the US have joined #30DaysSelfLove. Other similar campaigns have stemmed off of this movement as well. It’s taken on a life of its own and motivating people daily. Most importantly, it’s helping people recognize that we ARE love. For more information: http://www.30daysselflove.com
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