Wake Up and Choose YOU!! #30DaysSelfLove Retreat

#30DaysSelfLove Retreat

Hello Everyone! I am excited to announce the first Retreat!

Wake Up and Choose YOU Retreat!

Join Sarah Karges and Emanuel Bisarello for a weekend retreat in the natural settings of Ojai – CA.
We’ll be going deeper into the self-love practice and engaging in activities that promote the opening of our heart and self-acceptance.

Self-love is part of every person’s awakening process. It is for all ages, races and spiritual paths.
In this retreat we’ll be diving into this matter that has many effects and repercussions in our lives.
In addition to our self-love practice we’ll be sharing other techniques for you to have on your tool belt for the self-love practice.

This event has a very limited amount of participants to allow each one of you to have a pleasant experience.

Couples and singles are welcomed, please include in the email if you are coming by yourself or with your partner.
Age limit is 18 and up.
Registration closes on June 1st.
Please RSVP at 30daysselflove@gmail.com

Date: June 12th-14th 2015
Location: Ojai California
Payment method: $555 (includes food, accommodations and all activities)
Paypal: 30daysselflove@gmail.com

Emanuel and Sarah